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Joyfulness vs. Self-Pity Lesson 3 Living cheerfully despite physical limitations

This week's lesson deals with how we respond to our own limitations... these may be illnesses, circumstances, emotional downs, or the results of choices made by us or others.  In nature, one little creature shows that even if it does not look as though it was designed for its situation, it nevertheless, sings all winter, braves frigid waters, and continually surprises the observer by constantly overcoming whatever storms descend from the mountains of the North American west.  The Bible character shows us how to pick up the shattered pieces from wrong decisions that caused him to almost lose everything he'd worked for including his life.  His responses to the building rebellion in his ranks, set the entire small band back on course to working together and returning to the God of Israel.  So, we have a choice... do the next right thing, no matter the physical or emotional barriers before us, or go for a little bit of safety and a little bit of deception and that one lie that you just have to keep living to keep up the front you've built...

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