Covenant Fellowship Greensboro

Christ-Centered Worship: The Power of God for Salvation

While various denominations and ministry agencies within Protestant Christianity in America regularly advertise themselves as "Christ-centered," their conflicting beliefs and practices raise the question regarding their definitions of the term "Christ-centered." Precise definitions of terms, however, is not something many have an interest in or patience for in a culture that teaches that humans can define reality however they wish. Despite the confusion regarding terms like "Christ-centered," Scripture is clear regarding what we ought to mean when using such a term. The Lord Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Trinity fulfilled God's covenant with his people, and indeed all creation, and in doing so teaches us that whatever is stated about the gospel is also true of what we ought to mean by Christ-centered. Faithfully Christian worship, then, is centered or focused on Christ. As a result, it is that corporate event in which God's redeemed people gather together at least once a week and within their specific proclamations about Jesus, and in the sequential pattern of their worship of Jesus and the symbolic pointers drawing their attention to Jesus they feast upon the gospel for their salvation.
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