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False Worship: The Root Problem of All People, Part 2

Because Western culture in general and American culture in particular have been intellectually embracing and practically expressing a belief system that rejects the one true living God, they have rejected the belief that there is truth and reality outside the individual's private internal world. As a result, the individual's feelings and actions reign supreme for how the individual will think and live. Without an external standard of authority outside the individual, we are set loose to think about life however we want to and to organize life and operate in it according to our feelings and what we want to do. While the extreme forms of this are seen all around us in the West, and the way of life we live in puts it on display in various ways, we must learn to discern how this ideology manifests itself in the church. Operating from a primarily humanistic psychological way of interpreting people rather than the theological way mandated by Scripture, we often find ourselves as individuals and congregations regarding our corporate worship and the entire Christian life primarily in terms of how we feel and what we are doing. Every doctrine in the church because subject to this filter that overemphasizes and gives controlling authority to our feelings and actions. But God's Word is prior to and the controlling authority for all life, because he in conjunction with the Spirit create, sustain and redeem life. True worship of God takes place as we receive God's Word that is outside us, creates, sustains and redeems us and stands against and triumphs over the idols of our hearts and Western culture.
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