Covenant Fellowship Greensboro

Signs of Deceit

In American culture the biblical concept of truth has been rejected and the result is that what is accepted as okay is using people to get what we want and thereby creating conflicts fueled by deceit. But God, who is truth, calls and equips his covenant people to be people of truth, because he does not deal deceitfully with them, but reveals truth. Yet Jacob engaged in deceit in securing the blessing from his father Isaac. Jacob receives a "taste of his own medicine" when Laban deals deceitfully with him when giving Leah instead of Rachel as Jacob's wife. In this event we learn of the signs of deceit that are not to characterize the lives of God's people--using people to get what we want and creating conflicts fueled by deceit. Thankfully, God reveals these truths to us so that we can be people of truth and not have these kinds of actions mark our lives.