Covenant Fellowship Greensboro

The Church: God’s Community Continuously Submitting to His Sanctifying Process

In Romans 12:1-2 the apostle Paul summarizes the entire Christian life and therefore the church's life. While telling us two things to do and one thing not to do, all three are fundamentally the same directive expressed in different ways. They reveal what marks the true Christian life and the true church. They reveal that God’s saving his people from sin is his sanctifying process accomplished and applied by his authority as he continually transforms his people by the renewal of their minds in and by his Word & Spirit as they continuously submit themselves to His Word. Only those regenerated by God's Spirit through His Word are enabled to submit themselves to this process, and as they continue to do so they are renewed or transformed so that they are enabled to discern, love and obey God's will. The life of the church corporately and the individual Christian's life is first and foremost about them presenting themselves to God to receive from God what God alone gives.