Covenant Fellowship Greensboro

The Truth and Our Troubles With Him

In order to speak truthfully about the Church the Christian and the world we cannot simply attempt to say true things about them, but must first address the very idea of truth. Because of what has transpired in the world over the past two hundred years, especially in Western culture, the very conception of truth has changed in many people's thinking. The view of truth that has now become dominant in Western culture in general and American culture in particular thinks of human knowledge as only our perceptions of reality and not our accessing knowledge of reality as reality truly is for all people in all times and places. What is given prominent place in people's claims to knowledge and their speaking about "truth" is their perceptions, their feelings and their choices. This view of truth, while deeply and boldly human centered, as well as contrary to Scripture, is actually adopted by many people claiming to be true Christians and the guardians of the church. If we are going to rightly identify the church, the Christian life on an individual and corporate level, and understand the church and the Christian's relationship to the world we must understand these conflicting views of truth that lie at the heart of the life and thought of the church, the Christian and the world. Two systems of thought whose advocates claim is Christian in actuality embrace in principle the same humanistic ideology that is in conflict with Scripture's view of truth. We, therefore, must understand how this humanistic ideology that places great and unbiblical emphasis on the individual's perceptions, feelings and choices is combined with and expressed through the terminology of Christian theology and the Bible.
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