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What Do You See?

The passage is marked by three references to someone seeing something—the LORD seeing that Leah was hated, Rachel seeing that she bore no children, and Leah seeing that she had ceased bearing children. There is a clear contrast between what God sees and how God acts in relation to what He sees with what we see and how we act in response to it. God responds to what he sees by acting on behalf of the weak and oppressed. When we fail to pattern ourselves after God we only see what is to our disadvantage and act out of selfish wants. Such an attitude and the actions that follow it are a part of all human conflicts. Sadly, this marks God’s people as well, because they too are sinful. Still, God actually uses it all to produce his people. This does not mean conflicts and strife due to sinful selfishness are okay. Instead, it highlights all the more God’s mercy and grace in not treating us as our sins deserve and instead showering us with blessing. In light of our having been treated in this way, how ought we to treat others?
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