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Yahweh: The Sovereign Lord of History

Genesis 25:19 begins a new section in Genesis. This last main section in Genesis 25 expands on the story of Abraham and hints at what is to come. But how we interpret the events that are told about Jacob and Esau is central to all of what constitutes biblical Christianity, as the apostle Paul helps us understand in Romans 9. Paul's quote in Romans 9:13 of Malachi 1:2-3 regarding Jacob and Esau, after he quoted Genesis 25:23 reveals to us how we ought to understand the relationship Genesis 25:23 to verses 24 to 34. It reveals Yahweh as the sovereign Lord of history; the one who creates, sustains, controls, interprets, and judges all the events of human history. It is these truths that are abundantly revealed throughout Scripture and indeed all history, and we are aided in understanding these truths by the prophet Isaiah, whom the apostle Paul also relied as he wrote his letter to the Romans.