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Breaking The Cycle PT 1

Breaking the cycle part one. Joshua one. There is a current trend in many charismatic churches. It is the deliverance ministry. Now, this is not a new phenomenon I have been in deliverance settings my whole life (notice that term instead of "service"). This is not something that just happened haphazardly or recently. The emphasis on it has changed dramatically over the last few years. As the emphasis has changed the language of the ministry has changed. It is not uncommon for you to hear people talk about the need to "break chains" in their life. While this is a good idea it seems to me to be an incomplete idea. I would suppose that the chain is a singular instance or a singular phenomenon that individual struggles with and petitions for help from God to deal with. And it is assumed that once the chain is broken or the instance or phenomenon is dealt with or believed dealt with that everything will be okay. This is true when we consider drug use, will be considered "soul ties", when we consider relationship issues and things of that nature. Once again, very focused on the particular issue or a particular phenomenon. I would prefer that you who are reading this blog would see the larger picture. Chains can be broken but the cycle continues. This is the challenge that we are ignoring. We will pray for the CHAIN of drug abuse to end without praying for the CYCLE of dependency to end. We will pray for him the "soul ties" that we have acquired in our life to be broken and we will recover from a given relationship, but we never consider the cycle of emotional and self-esteem issues that keep us involved with the same types of people. So you break that chain only to remain in a cycle and be bound by a new chain but yet very familiar chain. This Bible study is the first in a series bible studies designed to challenge you to take the steps of breaking the cycle in your life. God lays out a blueprint in the book of Joshua in the first six chapters to lead us to the seventh step of rest, and wholeness. Please enjoy this podcast and let it minister to your heart as I share with you the Breaking the Cycle series, part 1.