Dover Baptist Church

The Early Church - The Essentials

Message Series: How to Become a Contagious Church
Theme: The Early Days - The Essentials
Scripture: Acts 2:42-47
#1. Chapter 2 - The Beginning
V14 - Peter’s Speaks
V38 - The Invitation
Matt. 5:13-14
Phil. 2:14-15
#2. V14 - Peter’s First Message
V17 - Joel 2:28-32
V37 -
**Our faith and our credibility rests on the truth of the empty tomb
#3. V42-47 - A New Community
The Important Elements of Community
“The Consolation of Israel”
Jesus has _________
He has __________
Koinonia is -
God’s family works best when we work together!
Grace giving is -