Dover Baptist Church

The Early Church

Message Series: How to Become a Contagious Church
Theme: The Early Days - The Courage of the Church
Scripture: Acts 1:1-26
The Book of Acts was written and published in two parts: #1) The Founding of Christianity in the Book of Luke #2) The Expansion of the Faith in the Book of Acts
#1.Historical Background
Luke 1:1-41 John 4:4
Acts 1:1-3Eph. 1:19
Who is Theophilus?
Four Thoughts…
#2.V4-14 - TheCourage of the Church
V6 - A Reasonable Question…
V8 - The Ascension
#3.V3-5 - The 1st Command of the NT – was To Go & Wait!
#4.V12-14 - Ten Days…