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You Never Know

You Never Know! Hebrews 13: 2 He was an old black man in a wheelchair making his way down the aisle at Wal-Mart. Despite his infirmities, he seemed full of joy and peace: speaking to all who passed his way. There was something spiritually magnetic about him. Fighting the crowd, I made my way to greet him. I held out my hand to him. He grasped my hand with eagerness. He spoke with a smile a mile wide, “May the Lord be with you,” he said. And I exclaimed, “And also with you.” We talked of the things pertaining to the Kingdom. He was to me an epiphany moment. Just being around him gave me a boost of vitality and joy. The joy of his salvation seemed to be pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing the cup. As I left and looked back, he gave me a hearty wave: to which I replied, “Later my Friend!” It was then that my wife exclaimed to me, “Remember what Paul said?” Remember he said that in entertaining strangers, that we may be entertaining angels. Most of us are very unaware of this in our daily hectic lives. Do we take the time to consider that God may be trying to reach out to us. Whether this man was an angel or not, I may never know. But I had the distinct impression that he was. All I can say, is you never know. Lord create in us the sensitivity and discernment to be open to your presence even in the things of which we are unaware!