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: Incarnational Ministry Part 4

Series: Incarnational Ministry                November 22, 2015

Message: Incarnational Ministry Part 4

Scriptures: Luke 10: 1-24 (Focus verses 4)


Introduction: We are considering together the concept of Incarnational Ministry as we look at Jesus instructions to His followers in Luke 10.


Jesus being fully God took on flesh and became a human as well so that He could become our Savior and reveal Himself to us in a way we could begin to understand. What Jesus did in becoming a man is called incarnation.

He took on our likeness to reach us.


NOW, we are His Body as His Holy Spirit indwells us.


NOW, Jesus continues His incarnational ministry through us.

Therefore, as we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our lives to touch the lives of others in the world the ministry of Jesus Christ continues.


Our desire is to continue consider the principles of Incarnation Ministry. We desire to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us, burden us, and call us in a fresh new way to be Jesus to our community and to our world.


Thus far we have encountered the first 5 principles -Strategy, Vision, Prayer, Going and warfare.

Today we look at principle # 6, Dependence.





Principle # 6 - The Principle of Dependence (Vs. 4a)


What was Jesus teaching the 70 by telling them to take nothing with them?

  • The Specific request – It was a command for this specific group of 70. It was not intended to be applied to all groups in all future circumstances
  • The Eternal principle- we must depend upon God to meet our needs as we obey Him in this Incarnational Ministry.


Why does God require dependency?


Self-sufficiency would lead to our being able to claim glory. Our trust in our own strength will never build God’s kingdom


God will always lead where we must depend upon Him so He will receive Glory and we will grow in our love and trust in Him.


For God it’s not about what we are doing that is most important-it is the relationship with Him that is top priority.


How do we demonstrate dependence?

  • Making prayer a lifestyle
    • Praying as one who needs to be in His presence
    • Praying as one who needs to hear His voice
    • Praying as one who needs His leading


  • Practicing obedience by faith
    • Obedient when we cannot see what is ahead
    • Obedient when we cannot understand the “Why”
    • Obedient when we do not know the “When”
    • Obedient when we do not know the “How”
    • Obedient when we do not have the “feelings”

What are some areas where our dependency upon God should be clearly visible?


Personal areas-

  • Opportunities to share gospel w/ someone
  • Living a lifestyle of obedience to Christ
  • Persevering faithfully in times of persecution, trials and/or temptations


  • Stewardship of our material resources
  • Stewardship of our talents, spiritual gifts
  • Stewardship of our time- balance calling, family, job, etc.



Church family areas-


  • To find the people God is making receptive to the Gospel
  • To develop the strategies to reach people-Acts 1:8 tells us we are responsible for not only our community but for the world


  • To equip believers to grow as followers of Jesus
  • To equip believers to develop a lifestyle of sharing Jesus
  • To equip believers to find God’s place of ministry


  • To equip believers to grow to faithfulness in stewardship
  • To be faithful stewards of the resources God is providing us such as people, facilities, finances, relationships, partnerships







Dependency Questions


Is it clear that you are living in dependency upon God?

  • Prayer Life
  • Obedience by faith


Is there any area of your personal walk where you need to surrender and trust God?


Are you walking in dependence upon God in relationship to your commitment to be a part of a church family?


Does your Giving reflect dependence?

Does your Serving reflect dependence?




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