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Can God Trust Me?

Series: Trusting God

Message: Can God trust me?

Scripture: Luke 16:1-13

Introduction: Last Sunday we began to ask the question; “Do I really trust God?” We saw from Proverbs 3 God’s call to trust Him. We can grow in our trust especially during times of adversity and in times of plenty. In Luke 15 Jesus confronts the issue of wrong attitudes towards people. In Luke 16 Jesus deals with wrong attitudes towards wealth.

The word mammon means money and /or material possessions. Jesus talked about money in 16 out of 38 recorded parables. One out of every ten verses in the Gospels is about money. The Bible devotes 500 verses to prayer and less than 500 to faith yet it has 2000 verses on money and possessions. From this story of the foolish steward we can see several truths about stewards and applications to help us answer the question; Can God trust me?


  1. Truths about Stewards in general (vs. 1-7)
    1. Stewards are accountable to the owner – vs. 1-2
      1. God is owner and we are managers
      2. God will seek an accounting for all He has placed into our care as His stewards
  • We became stewards of God the day we trusted Jesus and received God’s gift of eternal life


  1. Owners have expectations for their stewards –vs. 1-2
    1. God expects the dedication of our lives –Romans 12:1
    2. God expects the availability of all our possessions - Luke 14:33
  • God expects the availability of our time-Eph. 5:15-17
  1. God expects the exercise of our spiritual gifts and talents – 1 Peter 4:10
  2. God expects us to share the Gospel He has entrusted to us in all of our relationships -2 Cor. 5:19-20a
  1. Stewards need to examine their stewardship –vs. 3
  2. Foolish stewards need to change –vs. 4-7


  1. Applications for us from the story (vs. 8-13)
    1. We need to use of opportunities wisely-vs.8-9
      1. Jesus points out the truth that often people apart from God are more careful in the use of opportunities than believers
      2. God calls us to use our possessions to invest in eternal things




  1. Responsibility grows with trust –vs. 10-12
    1. Being faithful where you are now is the only way to be given more kingdom responsibility
    2. Illustration-Matthew 24:14-30-Parable of the talents-focus on verse 24.
  • Encouraging words from Jesus- the one that had acted foolishly is the one that was praised when he began to make the corrections


  1. The Big Questions
    1. Why would the Master give me more if I have misused what I have already been given?
    2. Why would the Master give our church family more kingdom responsibility if we have not made the most of the current opportunities?
  • Often people say or churches say if I had more money, or talent, or time I would give it all to God. God knows that although we are often sincere this is not a true reality. God measures trust not by what we say we would do, but by what we are currently doing.


  1. Our trust must be in God or in Mammon-vs. 13
    1. We cannot serve both
    2. We will serve one of them.



Closing Questions

How much of my life is truly devoted to God? Sundays, when convenient, most of the time or completely?

Is it clear from my lifestyle and choices that God is the owner of all of my time, my possessions, and my gifts and talents? Do others see the Gospel in and through my life?


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