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Do I Really Trust God?

Series: Trusting God                    September 27, 2015

Message: Do I really trust God?  The Fairview Family

Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-10


Introduction: Beginning today and throughout October the focus in our messages will be upon our trust relationship with God. In other words we will look at the heart of our Christian life and experience. Everything God desires for us hinges on the issue of trust. Trust: Our trust in God and His ability to trust us. Our hope, as we consider this topic together, is to see each of us grow in our trust in God and in God’s ability to work through us as His level of trust in us grows. Our hope is to grow in our trust in God individually and equally important in our trust together as the Fairview Family.


In this first message we want to ask the question: Do I really trust God? Next week we will consider if God can trust us. In the final two messages we will use God’s Word to look at principles related to our trust relationship with God.


Many believers are asking two questions:


  1. How can I know God’s will?
  2. How can my life really count for God?


Trust, as we will discover, is the essential ingredient for knowing and doing God’s will. To know and do the will of God will enable us to experience the joy of the Lord while fulfilling His Purpose.


Observations Proverbs 3 concerning Trust


  • Trust is commanded
  • Trust is to be done will all of our hearts
  • Leaning on our own understanding is the opposite of trust.


  • Isaiah 55:8-9- “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.”


  • Proverbs 3:7-On screen


  • Trust is seen in how we do everything- all your ways


  • To acknowledge God is to not only involve Him but to depend fully upon Him


  • If we seek God, and obey Him in Faith then He makes the way for us



As we reflect on this command from God we need to ponder several related questions. As I share these please consider the Word from God we just read.


  1. Do I really trust God with every area of my life?


  1. Is God truly my source of trust for provision?


  1. Do I trust God in the little things?


  1. Do I trust God in the big things?


  1. Can God trust me with what He has placed into my care? (Relationships, talents, money)


  1. When I evaluate my giving of time, talents, and finances is it clear that I trust God?


In Proverbs 3 we also see that:


The commands here are all inclusive (all, always, never)


The commands precede the promises given


The promises are conditional


As we consider the relationship of trust and stewardship we can confidently say three things:



  1. God is trustworthy. He is worthy of our complete confidence. He is totally dependable.


  1. God has entrusted (placed in our care) the possessions, relationships, opportunities, talents and time that we now experience.


  1. We are a manager (steward) of everything God has given into our care.


Why can we trust God?


  1. His care is constant
    1. Hebrews 13: 5-6
    2. 1 Peter 5:7


  1. His blessings to us are generous
    1. James 1:17
    2. Matthew 6:31-34


When we are able to grow the most in our trust relationship with God?


  1. In times of adversity (relationships, finances, health, job)


-trust when we are hurting

-trust when the future is unknown

-trust when we cannot see how it will work out

-trust when we cannot control the situation


In these times God calls us to seek Him. We are to trust, listen, wait in hope and obey fully to experience God working in us and through our adversity. We must remember that His ways are different, His timing is different. Yet He can be trusted and He is perfect in every way.


Example: King Asa – 2 different times-different results


  1. In times of Plenty


2 Chronicles 14:2, 9-11 – Humility, Trust

2 Chronicles 16:1-9 - Relied on self


Our expression of thankfulness to God is an indicator of our trust


In times of plenty a lack of trust can be seen in:


  • Complaining about what we do not have
  • Trusting in ourselves, people and things as the instrument of provision rather than God
  • Unwillingness to place what we have into God’s hands completely for Him to give and us as He pleases
  • Worrying about tomorrow when God has provided for us today





Application Questions


  1. God am I trusting in you alone for my salvation?


  1. God do I really trust you for my provision?


  1. God do I trust your presence to provide care, comfort and guidance?


  1. God how is my sin really a lack of trust in you?


  1. God is there area in my live where I do not demonstrate trust in you?


  1. God what do you see about my trust in my giving, serving, and making disciples?
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