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Incarnational Ministry Part 3

Series: Incarnational Ministry                           November 15, 2015

Message: Incarnational Ministry Part 3

Scriptures: Luke 10: 1-24 (Focus verses 3b)


Introduction: We are considering together the concept of Incarnational Ministry as we look at Jesus instructions to His followers in Luke 10.


Jesus being fully God took on flesh and became a human as well so that He could become our Savior and reveal Himself to us in a way we could begin to understand. What Jesus did in becoming a man is called incarnation.

He took on our likeness to reach us.


NOW, we are His Body as His Holy Spirit indwells us.


NOW, Jesus continues His incarnational ministry through us.

Therefore, as we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our lives to touch the lives of others in the world the ministry of Jesus Christ continues.


Our desire is to continue consider the principles of Incarnation Ministry. We desire to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us, burden us, and call us in a fresh new way to be Jesus to our community and to our world.


Thus far we have encountered the first 4 principles -Strategy, Vision, Prayer, and Going. Today we look at principle # 5, Warfare.



  • Principle # 5 - The Principle of Warfare (Vs. 3b)


  • Why would Jesus warn them about spiritual warfare? To be used by Jesus to Make Disciples is to join in the same spiritual battle with Jesus against the forces of darkness.
    • John 15: 12-21, 33
    • John 17:14-20
    • 2 Timothy 3:12


  • What two things did these 70 have to do because of the warfare?
    • Trust in God for provision for the battle- (Lambs/Wolves) He is sending us – His authority, His Presence. Lambs do not fear wolves when they are in the presence of their shepherd


  • Prepare daily for the warfare- we will face the struggle of battle yet let us not forget it is Jesus in whose strength we stand. Jesus has already won Victory!


  • 1 Corinthians 15: 55-58


  • Matthew 16: 13-18


  • Jesus said when He builds His church the gates of hell shall not overpower it. A gate is put up to keep others out or to protect those within it. The gates of hell are therefore a defense? So hell, the kingdom of the devil is on defensive and cannot stop the work of Jesus as He leads His church.







  • How has He prepared us for this warfare? (Armor of God)
  • Ephesians 6: 10-20- Put on the armor, Resist in the evil day, Stand firm-said multiple times
  • Baseball uniform analogy-
    • First 3 worn all the time- like shoes, uniform, etc.
    • Second 3 - in battle like picking up helmet, glove, bat.


  • Belt of Truth-(Loins) = life centered in Truth of God’s Word- hold all pieces together


  • Breastplate of Righteousness = vital organs-knowing who we are in Christ is key to battle


  • Gospel of Peace shoes =being grounded in truth of Gospel- by Grace- faith alone-in Christ


  • Shield of Faith = Our faith in Christ fights of every attack that comes to our minds/hearts


  • Helmet of Salvation=Minds protected by truth that we are God’s child and nothing can separate us from our Father’s Love


  • Sword of the Spirit=defensive weapon – used to combat accusations-Ex. Jesus temptation




How is the enemy trying to keep you from following Christ?


Are we prepared for the spiritual battle?

  • Standing securely in His presence
  • Standing firm in His strength - putting on the armor of God?
  • Standing together in His Unity & Purpose
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