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Incarnational Ministry Part 5

Fairview Baptist Church                                                      November 29, 2015

Message: Incarnational Ministry Part 5

Scriptures: Luke 10: 1-24 (Focus verses 4b-7)


Introduction: We are considering together the concept of Incarnational Ministry as we look at Jesus instructions to His followers in Luke 10.



Thus far we have encountered the first 6 principles

  • Strategy - Laborers called, empowered, sent by God
  • Vision - Harvest is ready
  • Prayer - Focus prayer on calling of laborers
  • Going – Go to them, do not wait on them to come to us
  • Warfare—Trust God (Lambs) and prepare daily-put on the armor of God
  • Dependency - God’s leads us into places where we must depend on Him




Principle 7- The Principle of Priority (vs. 4b)


- Quote- “Greet no one on the way” – Teaching technique-“over stating for emphasis”. This highlights the point being made by Jesus. Similar to Matthew 5:29-30- tear out eye and cut off hand


- Custom of Hospitality – Meet caravan going opposite direction the custom is to stop, spend day & night to fellowship


- Primary Point - do not get sidetracked and neglect the primary call-not wrong to fellowship. Yet if we neglect the primary call all the other things we do are short of God’s Glory


- Illustration—Parable of the sower –Luke 8:14-seed choked by Worries of this world-Discouragement, Distractions, Divisions



Principle 8 - The Principle of Relationships (vs. 5-7)


- We are to seek out those in the harvest whom God has prepared to             help us with the call to Making Disciples- The Laborers needed will come from the harvest


- Be open to anyone God chooses. God’s choice is often much                       different than who we would have chosen.



The Disciples Jesus Chose- uneducated, untrained in religious things, opposite personalities


The People Jesus Transformed and worked through were typically society’s outcasts: Samaritan Woman / Mary Magdalene / Demon possessed man living in graveyard


- Building relationships is costly. It costs time, energy, work, focus            and moving beyond our comfort zones

Examples of the cost involved in the building of relationships:

Yielding preferences in the “how to” do ministry-the method changing is uncomfortable


Building relationships across cultural and language barriers is difficult and uncomfortable


Giving up relaxation time and entertainment time to make time to build relationships is uncomfortable


Going to where the lost live to build relationships is uncomfortable – Jesus went to Zaccheus’ and Matthew’s home / party


Jesus is Holy. Jesus being Holy chose to hang out with lost people-His target group! He did this without sin yet Jesus was condemned by the religious


Who would you be willing to allow (let) to go to Hell because they make you uncomfortable? (Being around them time & environment / Changing communication methods, not the message, to reach them)

Practical suggestions for maintaining the Priority and for Building relationships

  • Be an Encourager – people are drawn to those that encourage them
    • Never give up on people
    • Use words and actions to build up people
    • Listen for the dreams of others and help them succeed
    • Pray for AND with people
    • Seek to contribute to the persons spiritual growth


  • Practice Prayer walking in your neighborhood, work place, etc.


  • Focus on others especially in the normal traffic patterns of life – learn their names, learn their passions, find areas of common interest


  • Open your home, open your life – make room for people


  • Be Alert to transition moments – time of joy & sorrow – be there!


  • Ask questions about the person’s spiritual journey without condemning the person. Example: Who is Jesus to you? Would you be interested in what the Bible says about Jesus to compare it to your view?


Closing Thoughts


Do you need a relationship with God? Only through Jesus


Are the priorities of Jesus the same as your priorities?


Who has God put into your path to pray for and to be His instrument to reach them? (Family / friends / neighbors /co-workers)


Can God count on you to choose to overcome the desire for comfort to reach people?



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