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Incarnational Ministry

Fairview Baptist Church                          November 1, 2015

Series: Incarnational Ministry

Message: Incarnational Ministry – Part 2

Scripture: Luke 10: 1-24 (Focus verses 1-3)


Introduction: In John 1:1 God’s Word tells us; “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” In John 1:14 God’s Word says; “the Word became flesh and dwelt (tabernacle) among us.” Thus God took on flesh-became a human so that He could become our Savior and reveal Himself to us in a way we could begin to understand. What Jesus did in becoming a man is called incarnation. He took on our likeness to reach us.

NOW, we are His Body as His Holy Spirit indwells (tabernacles within) us. Now Jesus continues His incarnational ministry through us. Therefore, as we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our lives to touch the lives of others in the world the ministry of Jesus Christ continues.


In this passage in Luke 10 Jesus sends out 70 other disciples (NIV says 72) (In Chapter 9 He sent out His 12 with similar instructions) in His Name to do ministry. From His instructions to these 70 and their experiences we can see 12 principles of Incarnational ministry that Jesus would desire of us today as His Body.


Last week we began our study looking together at the first 2 principles.


  1. The Principle of Strategy-(vs. 1) (Appointed)

      (Sent) (Groups of 2) (Commissioned)


  1. The Principle of Vision-(vs. 2a) (Harvest-plentiful)

   Problem not in the harvest’s potential. Problem is

A painful truth, there simply are not enough   laborers working with a focus on the harvest.


Today we look at principle 3& 4


  1. The Principle of Prayer (vs. 2b)


These 70 disciples are not told here to pray for the lost people they may encounter on their journey. They are told to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers.


God’s Word and His will does encourage us to pray for the lost – 6 Examples of prayers for the lost:


Pray for God to draw the person to Himself –John 6:44

Pray the person will seek after God Acts 17:27-Athens

Pray the person will hear/accept the Word as from God

Pray the Lord breaks through the spiritual blindness

Pray the Holy Spirit would convict them of sin & the need of forgiveness found only in Jesus

Pray for opportunity to share Gospel with this person

Pray the person would trust fully in Christ alone

However, this was not Jesus focus of prayer for this group. Jesus wanted them to pray for the greater need-laborers to work the harvest. It is same prayer priority for us- laborers for the Harvest


God alone can prepare the hearts of those who will accept this call of taking the Gospel to the lost.


Jesus knows that if we fervently pray (beseech) for God to send someone into the field, God will work on our hearts.


As we hear God say who will go we like Isaiah, once we have seen the need through God’s eyes, will say “here am I Lord send me!” Isaiah 6: 5-8  


Isaiah was broken by his sin and the sin of his people. Once He experienced personal cleansing (God removed his “unworthy” excuse) he was burdened for his people and committed to go. No one is worthy to go and represent Christ. Yet as we pray God cleanses us and we go based upon His worth and in His Name.


Only in prayer can God give us the burden we need to be able to persevere once we have determined to go!

  • Nepal May 2010-do we go?
  • Rachel arriving in India-will face difficult days
  • Going across street is just as difficult for us

Part of our Vision as the Fairview Family is to see God develop a growing and effective prayer ministry. Some aspects of this vision are to assist and to strengthen our current prayer ministries.


As God allows we would love to have a room set apart specifically for prayer. We also desire to see effective, passionate prayer for the lost in small groups.

All of our prayer times together are vital. We desire to see focused, specific, empowering prayer for harvest laborers, for the lost, and for the burdens facing the family of God.


Our vision is to actually spend time in prayer talking and listening to God. Too often we can easily talk about prayer without really praying. The power comes from praying. The power comes from focusing prayer towards God’s heart desires. His priorities are laborers and seeking the lost. He truly cares about our hurts and burdens but they are not His top priorities.


If Jesus led your personal prayer time or made out our prayer lists in our classes or our Wednesday night prayer list would they be different? How would it be different?


  1. The Principle of Going (vs. 3)


After telling these teams of two to pray Jesus then said “Go your ways”.


There is a time to plan, a time to pray, and a time to go!

We love to plan and like to pray. We seldom go.


When Jesus uses the term “go” He is saying’ “As you are going” just as He did in Matthew 28: 19.


We need a “Go” mentality. Alert, ready to share


Where do we go? We can start with those we regularly encounter on our journeys through life- family, neighbors, and work, places where we shop, where we do business, where we go for entertainment, where we go when we visit doctors or dentists. In other words everywhere we go where we will be around people is a strategic appointment and we are sent there by God as His ambassador and carrier of the Good News.


Jesus speaks this “Go your ways” as a command. This means He desires us to be intentionally incarnational. We are to be looking for His open doors in these relationships and for opportunities to share the Gospel.


Sometimes the doors are opened because we courageously bring up the subject of Jesus


When Jesus said I send you the focus was on the word “I”. Jesus is sending us. There are many available tools but what is most important is to know we go in His authority and in His presence


Where will you and I be going this week? Who will need the hope, joy, and love of Jesus where you and I will be going? As we go pray for Harvest Vision.




To pray and go requires we first have our own relationship with Jesus. Have you placed your trust in the truth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead according to the Scriptures? Have you accepted God’s offer, by His Grace, of forgiveness and a new life? If not, will you choose to trust in Jesus Christ alone today?


As a disciple/follower of Jesus Christ we are called to pray for laborers? Will you commit to pray earnestly for God to send laborers?


As you go will you ask God to open your eyes to see the Harvest field of your home, community, and world?

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