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A Perfect Message With An Almost Response

Many Christians are fearful of sharing the gospel. Some believe they will “mess up the presentation and affect someone.” Others are fearful of a poor or negative response. But throughout the gospels with Jesus and the book of Acts with Paul we see there are always one of three responses to the gospel. Some react strongly against the message. Their rejection of the offer of salvation can be very strong.  Others come under conviction but they put off a decision using perhaps humor, redirection or delay. And then a small group will repent, receive Jesus and turn to God, resulting in a life that evidences a new direction through good deeds and works for God. That is the story today. Our characters are the Roman Procurator Festus, King Agrippa and the Apostle Paul. Paul shares the gospel and these men respond in the common ways we have seen throughout Acts. This is Paul’s last glorious speech in the book of Acts.

A Perfect Message With An Almost Response

Acts 25:23-26:32

Pew Bible Page 610

I. The Gospel Story

Though many religious controversies exist today we should focus on a _______________        and a ______________________________.

Our eternity hinges on our response to Jesus the Savior – the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). 

Paul explains his supernatural radical change of life.

Christianity is devotion and obedience to ___  _______________, not to a religious denomination or idea.  Paul would not risk his life merely for the sake of a religious viewpoint.

Both Jews and Gentiles should respond to the Gospel by:

- _______________________

- turning to God

- doing works giving ____________________ of spiritual change

Paul pressed Agrippa to respond publicly to what he privately knew the Scriptures taught and the prophets had predicted regarding a Messiah.

II. My Testimony, Their Need

My testimony should consist of three parts:

- my life and need _______________  _______________

- how I met Christ and made my personal commitment

- my life _____________ my decision to become a Christian

Christians must be sensitive to the _______________ of unbelievers (hunger/thirst) that might be preparing them to receive the gospel.


My Response


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