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An Intentional Game Plan For Our Children

On Father’s Day we take a break from our 1 Samuel study to take a look at seven goals fathers can intentionally target for their children. What better place to look than at Jesus in the one account we have of his life as a teen.

An Intentional Game Plan For Our Children
Luke 2:41-49
Pew Bible Page 561

Instill a sense of responsibility, _____________________ and _____________________.

Cultivate a growing sense of discernment, especially regarding the ____________________ they ____________.

Create a hunger to understand truth and wisdom.

Require them to be fully ____________________. Exodus 20:12; Genesis 3:20

Expect them to be consistently _________________________.

Pattern and infuse into them being committed to doing the will of God.

Acknowledge and reward godly disciplines. Communicate godliness as the basis of who they are – their ____________________. Malachi 2:15

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