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God is Watching!

Every believer wants God’s blessings. In American Christianity an unbiblical teaching has permeated the church, teaching that God’s blessings are directly tied to claiming them by faith. I Samuel teaches a far more biblical reality that God blesses based on the extent we honor Him and obey Him. In contrast, God disgraces those who dishonor Him. Wise is the believer who knows God is a sovereign ruler who is watching and responding to our hearts, attitudes and actions...not our claims.

God Is Watching!

1 Samuel 2:12-36

Pew Bible Page 143

Textual Study

Verses 12-17: Eli’s Two Sons

Though serving the Lord like Samuel, Eli’s sons were wicked (______________  in           Hebrew), and “did not respect (___________) the Lord.”

Verses 18-21: Samuel

Just as Abraham offered Isaac to God, and without losing him received many offspring, Elkanah and Hannah gained 3 more sons and 2 daughters without losing Samuel.

Verses 22-26: Eli’s Two Sons

In the Bible “sin” is always primarily against the Lord.  Sin against God (distinguished  from sin against a human) is described as sin “with contempt” (Verse 17).   This sin leaves no room for a ____________________.  But the gospel reveals to us that ____________ came to mediate between man and God.   I Timothy 2:5

Verses 27-36: Warning of a Man of God

The Shilonite priesthood and house of Eli would be replaced by the house of Zadok some 130 years later. (I Kings 1:7-8; 2:27, 35)


Understand that our family upbringing offers no _______________________ to our    relationship with God or obedience to His commands.  Verse 12

To choose those we love above God and His commands is to dishonor and __________________ God.  Verse 29

God honors those who honor Him.  “Reciprocal honor” emphasizes the reality of our  interpersonal ______________________________ with God.  Verse 30

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