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Hannah's Song

Should Christians accept and embrace all circumstances as God’s will, both good and bad? Or should Christians refuse to accept times of hopelessness, powerlessness and pain, praying until the ‘blessing’ comes? Well . . . BOTH! God is first concerned with our hearts and faith, then with our blessings and victories! Like Hannah in I Samuel, we all taste seasons of great pain, loss and need. Our hearts move either toward God or away from Him during the difficult seasons. God is sovereign and He reverses our fortunes. Hannah’s prayer in I Samuel 2 is full of truths about God, His attributes and our futures.

Hannah’s Song

1 Samuel 2:1-11

Pew Bible Page 143

Textual Study

This song was the pattern and model for Mary’s Magnificat in Luke 1:46-55, in which she praised God for selecting her to be the mother of Jesus.

This song, interspersed between the narrative in 1:28 and 2:11, introduces both the theme and structure of I Samuel.

The song is predominantly a praise or hymn, flowing between the theme of Yahweh’s sovereignty and His ____________________ of human fortunes..

This song has characteristics of the “______________ psalms” in Psalms 45 and 72. It is often compared with Psalm 113.

The song concludes by asking the sovereign God to raise the ________________ of _________________ to a position of power and prominence worthy of the Great

God who appointed him.   Verse 10b


Embrace God’s existence and place all _____________________________ in Him.   Verse 1; Hebrews 11:6

Discover God’s attributes as we seek Him (especially during pain):  Verses 2-3

Comprehend that God ______________________ the future as He pleases:



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