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Some Biblical Observations on Motherhood

One of the joys of maturing as a Bible teacher, student of God’s Word and pastor is my increasing awareness that God does not seek perfect people. And that is great, since there are none! God seeks hearts that love Him and walk in Christ. And though many people think their moms are either perfect or hopeless the reality is that many Christian women are making great impact, are living very pleasing lives before God, and rise far above their own personal awareness of the joy they bring to the Heavenly Father and the fruit they are leaving in this fallen world. I did not exegete a passage for this Mother’s Day. Rather, I made some observations of some women in the scriptures based on my experience, knowledge and role as a pastor and minister these many years. I hope they bring great joy to the Lord’s women of faith.

Some Biblical Observations on Motherhood

 HANNAH – the mother who agonized for, gained and then gave away her child (I Samuel 1:1-11, 20)


BATHSHEBA – the mother who tragically lost a child and then was blessed and eternally immortalized in Proverbs 31   (II Samuel 11; 12:13-22)


EUNICE – the mother who rose above sin and its stigma to impart to her son a sincere faith   (II Timothy 1:3-5)


MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS – the mother who was given her son through God and had to abandon her plans, accepting the unimaginable sufferings appointed to Him by God  (John 2:1-11; Mark 3:21, 31-35; John 19:25-27)

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