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The Victory That Has Conquered the World

I Samuel 17 tells one of the best known stories in all of literature – the story of David and Goliath. It is far more than a story about fear, enemies, faith and victory. It is a story that points to the ultimate Messiah, salvation and deliverance. Every Christian has been given a calling from Jesus to take to our world. Chapter 17 is permeated with God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit!

The Victory That Has Conquered the World
I Samuel 17
Pew Bible Page 159

Textual Study

Verses 1-16 When Evil Appears More Powerful Than Good
Israelite and Philistine armies were gathered on opposite sides of the valley of Elah (a few miles southwest of Jerusalem).

Through a challenge of champions the Philistines selected Goliath, who not only had superior __________________________ traits but perfect _____________________ equipment of that day.

David, who had shared time as a court musician and tending the family sheep, was bringing provisions to the military camp for his brothers.

The Israelite army was paralyzed with __________ as they looked through a human lens and circumstances.

Verses 17-58 God, His Chosen and Faith
David took initiative and action as he looked with _____________ and zeal for God and an opportunity to exalt Him.

Saul reluctantly agreed to allow David to fight Goliath, and David relied on simple tactics and faith in God to defeat and sever Goliath’s head in triumph.

Saul inquired about David’s ___________________ – his background, social status, pedigree – and decided to keep him as a life-long servant.

Applications I John 5:1-5; John 16:33
___________________ daily guidance from God the ___________________, who will allow you to see what others cannot see and accomplish what man cannot accomplish!

Be disciples of God the ___________ as ambassadors and deliverers in this world who understand God’s purpose for their life and walk in an unwavering _______________ in His character and power!

Be aware that victory is accomplished neither by nor for human power, knowledge or plans. Victory is always ultimately for the _____________ of God the ______________!

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