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Truth That Changes Destinies of People and Nations

I Samuel 12 is often called the “Farewell Address of Samuel.” That is probably not the most accurate description of that chapter. Although this is Samuel’s last public address, he will live and function as a powerful prophet and spiritual leader for almost 40 more years. What this message of Samuel might be described as is his most crucial message to the nation. He gives his credentials as God’s messenger, gives God’s message, and then assures the people that if they keep responding to and worshiping God all will go well with the nation. Samuel’s message in I Samuel 12 is just as appropriate for the church of Jesus Christ today as it was for the nation of Israel back then. How will you and I respond?

Truth That Changes Destinies of
People and Nations
1 Samuel 12
Pew Bible Page 148

Textual Study

Verses 1-5, 16-17 The Credibility: The Messenger, Message and Sign

This is not the farewell message of Samuel the Judge, but rather a ___________________________ rebuke from Samuel that will determine the
deliverance or failure of God’s people.

Samuel established his credibility as a messenger of God.

Samuel requested a sign from God as a warning to revere, obey and trust in ________ __________ _____________ for deliverance.

Verses 6-15 The Message: Reexamine the True Source of Deliverance

The people were given their king and had experienced a great victory.

Samuel asked the people to determine if glory for Israel’s past and recent victories should be given to Moses, their judges, their king or God.

God continually delivered Israel but they continually ______________ Him.

Verses 18-25 The Command: Fear and Serve the Lord

Samuel’s message and the sign led the people to repentance. They were assured of forgiveness, stating that although the past could not be undone their future would be blessed if they devoted themselves to the Lord. Samuel promised to pray for them, knowing failure to do so would be sin.


1. We are no longer a covenant people living under the law with blessings and curses. Christians are righteous through Jesus, but are still disciplined as sons and daughters. (Hebrews 12:5-9; Revelation 3:19)

2. Like Israel, we are tempted to “forget” God, abandon our daily worship of Him, and seek deliverance from people and the “worthless” things of this world.

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