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When God Seems Unfair Toward His Faithful

It is a difficult reality every Christian is forced to accept; that the most faithful believers experience extreme difficulties, trials and suffering that appears to be unjust. God is love. God is faithful. God’s ways and plans are different that our ways and plans. But how do we handle it when life starts a downward spiral that makes us question those qualities in our Heavenly Father? The Apostle Paul is on that downward spiral in Acts 24. It is actually the beginning of the end for him. But the circumstances do not negate the glory of God and the grace of Paul. 

When God Seems Unfair Toward His Faithful

 Acts 23:23-24:9

Pew Bible Page 609

 I. The Apostle Paul’s Circumstances Appear Hopeless 

The Roman commander protected Paul, not because of Paul’s need or fame, but to protect and promote his own ability to keep order in Jerusalem.

Felix, the governor of Judea, was an opportunist without a conscience.  He agreed to conduct a trial for Paul based on Paul’s Roman citizenship and the commander’s declaration that Paul had done nothing that authorized him to execute punishment.

Chapter 24 covers a period of ________  _____________.

Tertullus was not an expert in Roman law as much as a professional ________________.  He presented an opening statement, three accusations, and a closing statement.  The ominous circumstances were stacked against Paul.

II. Christians Are To Trust And Obey In All Circumstances

When circumstances seem unjust and unfair Christians must avoid doing several things:

- __________________ and faultfinding others.

- Focusing on convincing others of our innocence or motives.

- Allowing worry, anxiety or __________ to prevail.

- Succumbing to anger, bitterness or separation from others.

- Elevating ourselves to a false status.

When circumstances seem unfair Christians must:

- Believe the love, power and involvement of God…___________!

- Forgive, forgive, forgive!!!

- Accept discipline from _______  __________.

- Stay _____________ to God, ask for Christ’s _____________ and ______________ intently for understanding and instruction from the Holy Spirit through the Bible and prayer.

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