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When Life Is A Shipwreck

Ever felt totally helpless, powerless, overcome and headed for disaster? No greater link could be made in the Apostle Paul’s day to these feeling than to be caught up in a ship in storms leading to shipwreck. Luke, a companion with Paul during the shipwreck in Act 27 gives one of the more vivid accounts found in ancient Greek texts. And his account details how dramatic, real and overwhelming our lives feel as well at times. Perhaps you could give a blow by blow of a tossing ship you feel you are on? Perhaps you are crying out to God to not let you drown? There is comfort to be found in Acts 27.

When Life Is A Shipwreck

Acts 27:1-44

Pew Bible Page 611

I.  Vivid Description Of Paul’s Stormy Journey to Rome

They begin in Sidon of Phoenicia, were blown E and N of Cypress, SW along Crete rather        than W, to Fair Havens.  They unfortunately set out for a better harbor at Phoenix. Verses 1-12

A gentle S wind suddenly turned to a violent northeaster and they had to give in to it.  Avoiding the dreaded shallows and quicksand off the shore of Cyrene in North Africa Paul predicted the ship would run aground on an island.  Verses 13-26

Paul rose up as the predominant leader.  He gave direction and encouraged the men to eat for strength, and though the ship was destroyed all either swam or floated on debris to the shore at Malta.  Verses 27-44

II. Spiritual Observations and Truths

Our plans, dreams and visions often take a different course from what we expected.

A brush with eternity changes _____________________ and______________________.

A Christ-follower should be the one to stand in the darkest storms of life, lifting up others’ hope to be at _____________, have ________________ and ________________ in God!  Verses 22-25; John 14-16

Predestination and free ________________ go together in the plan of God.  Acts 23:11; 27: 23-25, 34-35; Ephesians 1:4-5; Luke 13:3; Acts 16:31

My Response – Romans 8:28-29


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