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Who Is In Control of This Mess?

Most Christians I know can handle difficulty. The problem is that our difficulties seem to come on as a small flame and then sometimes turn into seemingly uncontrollable wildfires. Most of us handle the initial blow fairly well. But then what happens when those troubles start compounding? One setback is followed by another, and then another. What starts as a blow followed by a downward set of situations sometimes take on an even ominous and diabolical side. Our momentum shuts down and connection with the Lord seems fragmented. This passage looks at the lost, the religious and the true Christ-follower, revealing that things are very different that what they often appear. Today reminds Christians to look up, seek the eternal and let the Lord sort things out.  Christ indeed is in control!

Who Is In Control of This Mess?

Acts 25:1-22

Pew Bible Page 609

I. Roman Rulers, Jewish Leaders and Paul

Porcius Festus was appointed procurator over Judea.  He carried great authority but answered to both the _______________ over him as well as those he ruled.

The Jewish leaders carried great authority in Israel but still answered to __________ and His ___________.

Paul was in a position of no worldly authority, but God was in control and will _______________ him in eternity.

II. The Lost, The Religious and Christ’s Followers

The lost refuse to acknowledge God but are subject to their own flesh, to Satan and to this world.

The religious are “holding to the form of godliness but denying its _______________.”  II Timothy 3:5

The Christ-follower must remember:

- God does not focus His justice around my personal rights.

- Justice is ultimately fulfilled in the ________________________.  Verse 19

- God is always at work!  We are to continue watching Him, trusting His ways and    timing, walking close to Him, and bearing fruit according to His will!


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