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Whom Shall I Trust?

Chapter 8 of I Samuel begins one of the most significant events in the Old Testament: the transition of leadership in Israel from judges to kings. God had been Israel’s King! Why would the Israelites want a human king like the nations around them? Why are we so prone as Christians to want to be approved of and to like the world we live in rather than being obsessed with being servants of Christ, uniquely set apart from those in the world, and living to further His will and His Kingdom? Some answers are in I Samuel 8.

Whom Shall I Trust?

1 Samuel 8

Pew Bible Page 146

Textual Study

Verses 1-6a   An Aging Samuel Receives An Unexpected Request

A long time has passed, Samuel is growing older, and his sons have served long enough for people to know their poor quality.

All the elders came to Samuel, showing he was the first judge granted national status.

Israel wanted to become like other nations, but God had called them uniquely to be _________  _________________.

Verses 6b-18   The Response of the Lord and Samuel

This section is not a narrative, but more like a “manual” of what a king would do to fill   his military and administrative needs. 

The theme words of Samuel’s warnings about kingship are “____________” and “_______________.” 

Verses 19-21   The Request Becomes a Demand

The desire to “be like all the other nations” is repeated.

Israel is worried about the Ammonites to the east and the Philistines to the west, while forgetting that seeking God and repentance lead to His glorious victories over oppressors.

There are at least three problems in Israel’s request for a king:

1.)  It is sinful in its __________________.

2.)  It lacks patience and faith in God’s ____________________.

3.)  It seeks the world’s solutions to _______________________.


1. Christians need to often reaffirm that our trust will not be in human leadership, nor will we pursue our identity or status from this world.  Our identity, strength and     deliverance are reaffirmed through our _____________ and __________________ to Christ!

2. Christians should commit our heart to and focus on Jesus ______ _____________!

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