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Why Families Have Problems/David's Family (Part 2)

David was identified by God as “a man after My own heart.” Wouldn’t you love God to identify you that way? However, he will still a human.  And humans all struggle with sin. It is perhaps most strongly on display in the family. In Part 1 of “Why Families Have Problems” we looked at how David’s spiritual breakdown left him vulnerable to succumb to temptations that were disastrous to him and his family. In this message, part 2, we will see David’s relational breakdowns and the overwhelming tragedy that will result from his passivity and lack of spiritual direction with his sons. David’s story here would be a common one in our prisons today. But many mistakes David makes are also being commonly seen in the homes in our churches. Christians would do well to heed the truths God reveals in II Samuel 13-14.  

Why Families Have Problems/David’s Family (Part 2)

II Samuel 13-14

Pew Bible Page 167

Families will suffer significant problems if one or more members experience spiritual or relational breakdowns.   Last week we examined David’s spiritual failure.  Today we look  at his relational breakdowns.

David’s Relational Breakdown: David failed to provide his children with the type of relational support and direction they needed. 

David simply ___________________ and chose not to deal with the problems that arose from Amnon’s assault of Tamar.  13:20-22

For a long time David ________________________ the necessity of chastening Absalom after he had killed Amnon.   13:37-39; 14:23-24, 28

David ___________________ disciplined Adonijah nor dealt firmly with him.   1 Kings 1:6

Preventing Breakdowns: In order to prevent or repair breakdowns we must take ongoing inventories of our life with the Lord and then of our relationships with others.                 

  1. A Christian must continually bring their heart before the Lord and let Him ________________________________ their life. Psalm 139:23-24                                                                                                                     
  2. A Christian must continually evaluate their relationships using the standards in I Corinthians 13:4-8.
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