Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Mansfield TX

Agreement Brings Manifestation (Part 3) - 11 AM

John Wesley, the famous revivalist, once said, “It seems that God is limited by our prayer life; that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks him." In our culture today--and in the church world—many believe they can live however they want and that God will still bless their lives. Unfortunately, that thinking doesn't line up with God's Word or reality. Two of the most powerful ways you can INVITE God to intervene into your life is through CONFESSION of God's Word and TITHING. The reason so many give up on Christianity is because they never really tried Christianity as it was meant to be practiced. Christianity was meant to be practiced as COVENANT. Unlike belief, faith requires corresponding action. Likewise COVENANT requires taking ACTION on what one professes to believe. Without faith instead of belief, without corresponding action, you cannot walk in Covenant with God. And without Covenant, Christianity offers no POWER, no PROSPERITY and no PROTECTION.