Faith Love Fellowship

Christian Identity - Part 1: Who Are You?

Beloved Christian, what is your identity?  How do you identify yourself?  How do you see yourself?  Do you identify yourself as man sees you?  Do you identify yourself as your accuser sees you?  Or do you identify yourself as God sees you?

Did you know that there are things that accompany Salvation?  Did you know that your Father has made exceeding great and precious promises to you, for you to have, to experience and to enjoy now in this time?

Beloved Christian, it is time for us all to grow up.  Jesus wants you to have ears that hear so that you can receive all that your Father has for you, now in this time! 

So put down the sippy cup of milk, grab your knife and fork and dine with us on the strong meat of the Word and come to know your true identity in Christ Jesus.

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