Faith Presbyterian Church

It Begins at Home - Matthew 24:42-44

Series: Preparing for What's Ahead (Part 7) The seventh sermon in the series, reveals one more sign to the seven signs of revival that were disclosed and explained in the previous sermon. The Church is weak and impotent in the United States because those professing to be followers of Christ are living as if commitment to Christ may be done as if it were a part-time job. To correct this condition, Christians must embrace and practice the awareness of Christ's "living presence." Pastor Terry lifts up and discusses the critical role of what he calls doing the "homework" of Christian commitment in order to be best prepared to meet the responsibilities of each day and the challenges that are coming in the difficult days ahead.


Ericksson Cynthia

Pastor Terry once again spoke the truth of where God's church is today,with boldness. May we all speak the "Truth" with that same boldness and love for others.

Virginia Salmon

All Christians would greatly benefit from listening to this series. This sermon, November 8, especially, is an opportunity to grow in faith. I cannot do anything less than thank Pastor Terry for speaking the truth and believe that God is using him to present an important message to us, just as the prophets of old did. I highly recommend listening to this sermon. I thank God, too, for preparing us for what is ahead.