Faith Presbyterian Church

Looking to God to save You - Matthew 21:6-11

Series: Preparing for What's Ahead (Part 8) - The eighth and next-to-last sermon in the series, "Preparing for What's Ahead," lifts up the importance of national revival. If you have sought God's forgiveness, the evidence of God's work in your life is both a changed personal life and a life dedicated to working for godly transformation in your community, country and the world. You will hear in this sermon that God's tolerance for sin is not infinite, and that the opportunity for people to repent and seek God's mercy is limited. You will learn that previous nationwide spiritual revivals, or "awakenings," have been preceded by Christians responding to calls to pray. ***** Pastor Terry appeals for a commitment to covenant to pray for a national revival, while there is yet time to do so. A copy of the "Covenant to Pray" will be emailed to anyone who requests it. Phone 401-822-2070 and provide your email address. Please pronounce each letter of your email address and give a word example (e.g., "b" as in boy, etc.). Note: The final sermon in this series will be preached on November 29, 2009. *****
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