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Inside Out 227: Occupy Movements

The Occupy Wall Street protests in cities across the country—and around the world—have  brought attention to the economic divide between the poor and the very rich. God cares for the poor, so where does God’s Church find itself in this conversation? Could the Occupy Movement be a vehicle for God’s work as it brings attention to economic inequity in America, or does the protest movement simply promote envy and covetousness? At its core, is the movement spiritually helpful, harmful, or neutral?

The Occupy Movement exploded on the scene in late September 2011 when protesters occupied Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. Similar occupations erupted in downtowns from Regina to Rome. Many of the downtown tent cities have since been evacuated by police, but members of the Occupy Movement have vowed to keep focusing on economic disparity.

It can’t escape a Christian’s notice that some of the concerns of the Occupy protesters sound like God’s concerns throughout the Old and New Testaments. So why are some Christians keeping a distance from the movement while others are joining the fold?

Join us for an Inside Out conversation with Tobin Grant, recorded the morning after police cleared the Occupy Wall Street protesters who were camping in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. Tobin Grant is a professor of political science at Southern Illinois University. He is the author of scholarly and general articles as well as books on politics and campaign finance reform. You may know him for his informative articles on current political events for Christianity Today.

To find an assortment of Tobin Grant’s articles on American politics, click here:  http://blog.christianitytoday.com/ctpolitics/

For information on Tobin Grant and list of his books, click here: http://politicalscience.siuc.edu/faculty/grant.html

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