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Joel Smallbone on Priceless

Sonny chats with for King & Country’s Joel Smallbone about his movie “Priceless.” While “Priceless” is a film about human trafficking, it’s also a story about the selfless nature of true love. How was Joel able to separate his “love scenes” from his actual feelings? What did his wife Moriah Peters think about it? What can the church do to stop human trafficking? The underworld has made slavery a bigger focus than drugs. Joel also shares how it felt to work with his family on the movie. Dad David, and brothers Ben and Luke all worked on “Priceless" and, was that their sister Rebecca St. James? Plus, for King & Country is working on new music! We chat about it all! For more on “Priceless,” you can visit http://pricelessthemovie.com or www.pricelessmovement.com You can help Shine A Light on Slavery February 23rd by sharing the hashtag #EndItMovement on your social media

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