Cherryvale First Baptist Church

Holiday Busyness

Do you have time for Jesus? Of the 5 types of people we discuss, which do you most identify with? Do you identify with Joseph and Mary? It wasn't easy or convenient, but they made time for Jesus. Are you like the innkeeper? Do you not have time for Jesus because you’re too busy? Maybe you’re like Herod? You don't have time for Jesus because you’re self-absorbed in your own agenda. Perhaps you most identify with the religious leaders? You’re familiar with Jesus. but your heart is covered with calluses. You've heard the story so many times that you don't hear it anymore and you just don't care. Does the procrastinator group resonate with you? You know the need and you realize the peril, but you’d rather wait. Are you whispering to yourself? There's no hurry, I'll make time for Jesus…later. If God made time for us, can't we make time for Him this Christmas? Let's get ready for Christmas and make time for Jesus, beginning now.