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The Throne Room Of God

In Revelation chapters 1-3 John is given a vision of what Jesus is doing in this present day in the Church. In chapter 4 John describes a second vision where he is caught up in the Spirit into heaven’s throne room. His description of the throne room is simply a setting of the scene for the revealing of Jesus in that throne room in chapter 5. God’s appearance defies description, but John makes his best effort to describe what he sees. I. The throne room of God on a future day A. After these things…What will take place after this B. John saw a door opened to heaven (Revelation 4:1) 1. A voice said come up here 2. A voice like a trumpet C. John was immediately in the Spirit observing the throne of God (Revelation 4:2a) II. The throne and the One who sat on it A. He who sat on it (Revelation 4:2, 3, 5) 1. Looked like a jasper and a sardius stone 2. Voices could be heard from the throne B. The throne (Revelation 4:3, 5) 1. There was a rainbow around the throne – looked like an emerald 2. From the throne proceeded lightning’s and thundering’s III. Around the throne A. There are twenty four thrones (Revelation 4:4) 1. Twenty four elders sit on these 2. Clothed in white robes 3. Wearing crowns of gold on their heads B. Seven lamps of fire (Revelation 4:5) 1. Were before the throne 2. The Seven Spirits of God – The Holy Spirit in His fullness C. The floor of the throne room (Revelation 4:6) 1. Was like a sea of glass 2. Like crystal D. Four living creatures (Revelation 4:7, 8) 1. In and around the throne 2. Here is what they looked like a. Full of eyes b. Like a lion, like a calf/ox, like a man, like a flying eagle c. They had six wings Why does God invite John up to the throne to observe God in His glory and why is He allowed to describe what He sees? I believe that this is recorded for our encouragement and to give us a glimpse of what lies ahead for us. We serve a mighty and awesome God. We need to obey honor and respect the commands and authority of God.