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A Godly Mother's Prayer and Sacrifice

Today I want to share with you a story about a godly mother whose son changed the history of Israel. Her son’s birth was one that came through anxiety, pain and desperation. He was the answer to a mother’s deepest prayer and the man who became the spiritual leader of Israel, anointing the first kings of Israel. What was Samuel’s mom like? I. Was her life ideal? A. She had hardship 1. She had not been able to bear children (I Samuel 1:2) 2. She was one of two wives (I Samuel 1:6, 7) 3. She was harassed by Peninnah – to the point she couldn’t eat B. She had blessing 1. She was married to a godly man (I Samuel 1:3, 4) 2. She was the favorite wife (I Samuel 1:5) 3. She was married to a man that loved her and tried to comfort her (I Samuel 1:8) 4. She loved her husband and took comfort from him (I Samuel 1:9) II. Hannah was devoted to God A. Even though God left her childless 1. She would give her offerings 2. She would worship B. She prayed a prayer of desperation 1. Her soul was aching and she wept in anguish because of her situation (I Samuel 1:10) 2. She vowed if God gave her a son she would give to God’s service (I Samuel 1:11) a. He would be a Nazarite from birth b. No alcohol beverage. fruit of vine, no contact with dead body, no cutting hair C. She prayed with unusual fervor (I Samuel 1:12-17) 1. She was so worked up that Eli the High Priest thought she was drunk 2. She explained that she was praying and pleading 3. She wasn’t thinking about how she looked, she was in deep prayer D. She found peace in her prayer and in the blessing of Eli (I Samuel 1:18) 1. She went and ate 2. Her face was no longer sad III. Hannah was devoted to her son A. She had a son and named him Samuel (I Samuel 1:19, 20) B. For probably close to 3 years she dedicated her time to him (I Samuel 1:21-23) C. She kept her vow to God (I Samuel 1:24-28) 1. She offered sacrifices 2. She gave Samuel to Eli and he ministered to the Lord (I Samuel 2:11) D. His mom would come to visit and make him clothes (I Samuel 2:18, 19) Hannah is a good example of a godly woman. She lived a life of difficulty and blessing. She took that difficulty to God and God answered her. It had to be hard to be apart from her firstborn son, but God blessed her sacrifice by giving her more children (I Samuel 2:21), and God blessed Israel because of her sacrifice.
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