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Jesus Seals His People

When Jesus opens the sixth seal we see the wrath of the Lamb compared to the mercy of the Lamb in preserving and saving 144,000 evangelists on the earth and multitudes who have repented and died in the tribulation and are now in heaven. We see the rebellious and unrepentant judged and the repentant given new life. Jesus has laid before all humanity a choice. In these judgements He is dealing out justice and calling people to salvation. I. Jesus opens up the sixth seal – Judgment is poured out A. The whole earth is shaken (Revelation 6:12-14) 1. Great earthquakes 2. Causes the moon to turn red and causes the sun to be blacked out 3. Meteor showers strike the earth 4. Something happens to the sky 5. Mountains and islands move B. All people are affected by this (Revelation 6:15a) 1. Kings, great men, rich men, commanders, mighty men 2. Slaves and free men C. They try to hide themselves in some shelter (Revelation 6:15b, 16a) 1. In the caves and in the rocks of the mountains 2. They ask the rocks and cave to collapse around them to protect them D. They identify the source of this judgment (Revelation 6:16b, 17) 1. Him who sits on the throne 2. The Lamb 3. The great day of His wrath has come and who can stand it? II. Jesus seals His people on the earth A. Four angels hold back the winds of the earth (Revelation 7:1) B. Another angel ascended with the seal of God (Revelation 7:2, 3) 1. Do not harm the earth, the seas or the trees 2. Till we seal the servants of God C. 144,000 Jewish men are sealed for the work of God in the tribulation (Revelation 7:4-8) D. These were redeemed from among men (Revelation 14:4b) E. They speak pure words and apparently the gospel in the tribulation (Rev. 14:5) III. Jesus seals His people in heaven A. John saw a great multitude in heaven (Revelation 7:9a) 1. Too numerous to number 2. From all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues B. How are they clothed and what are they doing (Revelation 7:9b, 10a) 1. Clothed in white 2. Waving palm branches in celebration 3. Crying out with loud voices God uses judgment in at least four ways here. He judges the guilty who will not repent. He shows His protection for those that He preserves on the earth. He provides the gospel for all who will hear it in the midst of this judgment. He provides eternal heavenly rest to those who turn to Him in repentance.
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