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Our Intercessor and Advocate

Zechariah was prophesying in Jerusalem at the same time that Haggai was telling the people that God wanted them to start building the temple again. The visions that we will examine today were given by God to encourage the people that God was with them and that He would keep His promises. The nation of Israel would again survive and thrive and one day from Jerusalem their Messiah would reign over the world from there. In the Son of God they had an intercessor and an advocate. I. The Son of God intercedes for His people A. Roughly five months after Haggai told the people to build the temple (Haggai 1:1) 1. They were just getting started on this work 2. Foundation of the temple laid 24th day of the ninth month (Haggai 2:18) 3. This would be hard and at times discouraging work B. This vision comes two months after the foundation was laid (Zech. 1:7) C. The three symbolic images in this vision (Zech. 1:8, 9) 1. Myrtle trees in a hollow - Israel 2. A man on a red horse – Angel of the Lord (Son of God) 3. Others on red, sorrel and white horses – Angels D. The angels report to the Angel of the Lord (Zech. 1:10, 11) 1. They had surveyed the earth 2. It was at rest E. The Angel of the Lord (Son of God) intercedes for Israel (Zech. 1:12) 1. How long will You not have mercy on Jerusalem and Judah? 2. It’s been seventy years F. The Lord of Hosts replies (Zech. 1:13-17) 1. With good and comforting words 2. He was zealous for Jerusalem and angry with the nations II. The Son of God an advocate for Joshua A. Joshua was the High Priest of the people 1. He stood before the Angel of the Lord (Zech. 3:1) 2. Satan at his right hand as his accuser 3. Clothed in filthy garments (Zech. 3:3) B. The Angel of the Lord takes action 1. He rebukes satan (Zech. 3:2) 2. Joshua was one that God had plucked from the fire 3. The Angel of the Lord ordered new clothes be brought (Zech. 3:4, 5) a. Take off the old clothes representing sin – Son of God removed it b. Clothe him with rich robes – Son of God replaced it c. Put a clean turban on his head C. Angel of the Lord speaks words of encouragement to him (Zech. 3:6, 7) Jesus intercedes as a High Priest for us as His people (Hebrews 7:25). He prays for us as a people (Romans 8:34). We have an Advocate before the Father (I John 2:1). He advocates for us when the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10) brings charges. He was an advocate and intercessor for Peter even as He went to the cross (Luke 22:31, 32).
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