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Proper Focus

In Ezekiel 21 we see God tell Ezekiel how to react to the chaos around him. Like Ezekiel, we live in a nation and in a world that is in chaos. There seems to be hate and anger everywhere and God’s values are being rejected by society. There are many efforts to silence the voices of those that speak the truth of God’s word with threats and lawsuits, while those that advocate sinful lifestyles are held up as heroic and progressive. What does God tell Ezekiel to do in this situation? What does He want us to do? I. Word of the Lord - for the people A. Set your face towards Jerusalem and the land of Israel (Ezekiel 21:1, 2a) 1. Turn your attention towards them 2. Be determined and set your mind to go to them B. Preach and prophesy – warn that judgment is coming (Ezekiel 21:2b, 3) 1. Against the holy places 2. Against the land of Israel C. Sigh with a breaking heart (Ezekiel 21:6, 7) 1. For a nation that has lost its way 2. For a nation heading for destruction 3. Same way Jesus wept for Jerusalem (Luke 19:41, 42) II. Word of the Lord – for the leaders A. Prophecy and speak to the leaders 1. A sword is coming (Ezekiel 21:9) 2. Should we make mirth? (Ezekiel 21:10) 3. It will strike the princes of Israel (Ezekiel 21:12) 4. It will strike the great men (Ezekiel 21:14b) B. Extreme sorrow (Ezekiel 21:12) 1. Cry and wail 2. Strike your thigh 3. Sorrow and passion for the lost like Paul (Romans 9:2, 3) C. Speak and act 1. Prophecy, “Thus says the Lord” (Ezekiel 21:9) 2. Strike your hands together (Ezekiel 21:14) 3. Determination to never quit like Peter expressed (Acts 4:19, 20) III. Word of the Lord – for the king A. Babylon is coming 1. Because of iniquity and transgressions (Ezekiel 21:24) 2. In all their doings sin appeared B. For the king (Ezekiel 21:25-27a) 1. Remove the turban and crown 2. Humble the exalted – It will be overthrown C. Message of hope for the future (Ezekiel 21:27b) 1. Messiah will come – It is His right to take the throne 2. God will give Him the throne (Luke 1:32, 33; Philippians 2:9-11) Ezekiel was told to turn his attention to those who were about to be judged. He was told to preach and prophecy. He was told that he should be sighing with a breaking heart for this nation that was headed to judgment, to cry and wail for the sins of a nation and for the judgement that was coming. In the end He had a message of hope. Someday Messiah will reign from David’s throne.
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