Faith Bible Church Greenfield Illinois

Protected by Jesus

Last week we read that during the tribulation satan will be cast down to earth and that he will be allowed to unleash demons that are locked up right now in the bottomless pit. We saw last week that satan is a formidable opponent roaming the world and seeking to devour, but that he is under the control of God and that we are protected by Jesus from his attacks. We began to talk about the demons that satan releases in Revelation 9. We read that these demons have been locked away for breaking the rules they are obliged to follow as fallen angels. Through all this we begin to understand that while demons (fallen angels) are very powerful they are limited in what they can do. I. Limits placed on demons A. These demons are not free at all right now B. When they are set free they are given limits 1. They cannot harm any green thing (Revelation 9:4) 2. They cannot harm those who have the seal of God on them 3. They cannot kill anyone (Revelation 9:5, 6) 4. They can only torment people and that for only five months 5. Under their attack many will want to die B. Jesus ultimately commands the unclean spirits (Mark 1:27) C. God place limitations on demons now - They cannot inhabit believers 1. Our body is occupied (II Cor. 6:16b) 2. Not like the empty house in Matthew 12:43-45 3. The evil one cannot touch us (I John 5:18) a. Demons do not take on human form b. They do not scratch or hit II. There is a line of command among demons and angels A. These powerful demons are described (Revelation 9:7-10) B. There is a king over them 1. The angel of the bottomless pit 2. His name is Abaddon or Apollyon meaning “destroyer” (Revelation 9:11) C. We clearly see in Daniel that there are demons with great power 1. The prince of the kingdom of Persia stood against him (Daniel 10:12, 13) 2. Michael helped in the fight and they overcame 3. Powerful demons are ruling over different geographical areas D. Four powerful fallen angels are bound at the great rive Euphrates 1. They will command a mighty army (Revelation 9:13-19) 2. This mighty demon motivated army will kill one third of mankind These demonic judgments remind us of what God is protecting us from. If God stepped back and let satan and his demons run over us unbounded, they would destroy humanity. Thankfully God is holding them back, but as the end draws near, God will release these forces in the hope that humanity will turn to Him.
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