Faith Bible Church Greenfield Illinois

Right Thinking, Right Living

The book of I Peter is written to Christians who had been scattered all over the Roman kingdom after they were blamed by Nero for the burning of Rome. The Church was under great persecution. Peter writes to his brothers who are under duress and he tells them that they need to keep their heads up because in Jesus they have the victory. He tells them that in times like these they need to tighten up their minds and that in times like these they need to love each other. These lessons are important for us to remember as the times get tougher for believers in our day. I. Keep your head up A. Remember what we have received from Jesus (I Peter 1:3-5) 1. Abundant mercy 2. A living hope through the resurrection 3. An inheritance reserved in heaven 4. We are kept for that inheritance by the power of God B. Rejoice greatly in this - Even though right now grieved by various trials (I Peter 1:6) C. Here is what we know about trials (I Peter 1:7) 1. They test our faith and prove the genuineness of our faith 2. When tested by fire our faith is purified 3. Making our faith worthy of praise, honor and glory in the end – When Jesus returns D. Our love and trust (belief) in Him (I Peter 1:8) 1. Causes us to rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory 2. Leads to the fulfillment of our faith – the actualization of our salvation (I Peter 1:9) II. Tighten up your thinking A. Gird up the loins of your mind (I Peter 1:13) 1. Be serious minded 2. Don’t doubt your hope in the grace found in the revelation of Jesus B. Focus your mind on determining holy conduct (I Peter 1:14-16) 1. Don’t go back to following the lusts you used to when you were ignorant 2. Pursue the holy thoughts of the One who has called you 3. Be holy in your conduct as He is C. Honor God with fearful respect (I Peter 1:17) III. Love each other A. Since we have had our souls purified (I Peter 1:22) 1. Obeying the truth 2. Doing the truth through the Spirit B. Love one another (I Peter 1:22) 1. Sincerely 2. Fervently 3. With a pure heart C. This is only possible due to the new birth (I Peter 1:23) 1. We have been born of incorruptible spiritual seed 2. Through the word of God When our faith is tested by various trials we need to remind ourselves of the grace that we have received in Jesus and remind ourselves that God uses trials to purify our faith and make us stronger. We need to tighten up our thinking and focus our minds on living holy lives. We need to stand love each other and stand with each other in this world that stands against us.
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