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The Battle of the Ages

Revelation chapter 12 records a vision that John sees before the final judgments are poured out on the earth. In this chapter we see a history of the war between satan and God. Since he rebelled against God, satan has led mankind into sin to separate God from man, and since the fall he has been trying thwart the promises that God made to redeem man from sin in the Garden of Eden. If satan could ruin God’s plan he would make God a liar and condemn all humanity to total eternal separation from God. God’s greatest creation, created in God’s image, would spend eternity in hell and God would no longer be God since His failure to keep His promise would make Him a liar. In the first part of this vision we see three characters portrayed. I. The woman A. How is she clothed? (Revelation 12:1) 1. Clothed with the sun 2. The moon under her feet 3. A garland of twelve stars on her head B. What is her condition? (Revelation 12:2) 1. She is with child 2. She is in labor and is crying out in pain II. The dragon A. What does he look like? (Revelation 12:3, 4a) 1. He is big and red and fiery 2. He has seven heads and ten horns 3. He is wearing seven crowns on his heads 4. With his tail he has taken one third of the stars and thrown them to earth B. What has he done and what is he doing (Revelation 12:4b) 1. He stood before the woman about to give birth 2. He was ready to consume the Child as soon as He was born III. The child A. The woman bore a male Child (Revelation 12:5) B. What we know about this Child 1. He was born to rule the nations with a rod of iron 2. He was caught up to God and His throne We will see later in this chapter that satan will continue to attempt to persecute this woman even though her child has already been born. For the last three and a half years (1260 days) of the tribulation satan will seek to punish and destroy what is left of the Jewish people but God will supernaturally protect them (Revelation 12:6).
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