Faith Bible Church Greenfield Illinois

The Grapes of Wrath

In our text today we will read three scenes that show the wrath and justice of God on sinful, rebellious humanity and His grace and mercy on the faithful who persevere through the tribulation. We are shown a picture of the last day judgment on sinful man, the judgement of the final battle between God and rebellious humanity and a vision of those who overcome. I. The judgment of rebellious man A. The Reaper (Revelation 14:14) 1. On a white cloud 2. The Son of Man (Daniel 7:13, 14) 3. Wearing a “stephanos” – golden victor’s crown 4. He has in His hand a sharp sickle B. Those reaped (Revelation 14:15) 1. Another angel cries out with a loud voice – thrust in Your sickle and reap a. The time has come for judgment b. The harvest of the earth is over ripe 2. He thrust in His sickle (Revelation 14:16) 3. The earth was reaped II. The judgement of the final battle A. An angel steps forward with a sharp sickle (Revelation 14:17) 1. It is time to harvest the wicked 2. They have gathered for judgment B. Another angel steps forward (Revelation 14:18) 1. This angel is associated with the fire on the altar – the prayers of the saints 2. He tells the first angel to go and harvest 3. The grapes of the earth are fully ripe C. So the angel did (Revelation 14:19) 1. He cut down the vine of the earth (Matthew 13:39-42, Luke 9:26) 2. He threw it into the great winepress – the valley of Megiddo D. God’s wrath against sinners is directed there (Revelation 14:20) 1. Rebellious human army that has come up against God and Jerusalem crushed 2. There will be great bloodshed III. The worship of those who have the victory A. Standing on something like a sea of glass – the throne room (Revelation 15:2) B. These have the victory 1. Over the beast and his image 2. Over his mark and the number of his name C. They are singing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb (Revelation 15:3, 4) 1. God is the Almighty Judge of truth and King of the saints 2. Who shall not fear Him, because He is holy 3. All will worship before You 4. Your judgments have come to pass Devastating and deserved judgment is coming to the earth. God will give man every opportunity to repent, sending witnesses and even angels as messengers of the gospel, but billions will reject that call and choose to fight God rather than yield to His rule. Those who do respond though will have the victory over the beast through the blood of the Lamb.
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