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The True Lamb and His Mark

After reading about the first beast and the second beast and all the power they have, and all the power that satan has during the tribulation, it is difficult to imagine that anyone could live through a time like this and still believe. After John is shown satan as a dragon and the antichrist as a monstrous beast and the false prophet as the second beast, he is shown a scene of triumph for the real Lamb and the 144,000 He had called earlier to be witnesses in the tribulation. John is shown Mt Zion – the city of Jerusalem (Rev. 14:1a) I. Who is there? A. The Lamb – Who is this again? 1. This is Jesus, the Son of God 2. The Lion of Judah, the Root of David (Rev. 5:5) 3. Described as Lamb that was slain (Rev. 5:6) a. He was dead but is alive – a real resurrection b. He is all powerful – seven horns c. He is all seeing – seven eyes d. He is filled of course with the Spirit, because He is one with the Spirit 4. He is praised as (Rev. 5:9, 10) a. The One who has redeemed us to God by His blood b. Made us kings and priests who will reign on the earth B. The 144,000 1. They have God’s name written on their foreheads a. We saw them marked in Rev. 7:3 b. They are sealed, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel (Rev. 7:4) 2. How many are there? a. We are saved before the foundation of the earth (Eph. 1:4, Rev. 17:8b) b. Jesus will not lose one (John 6:37, 39) II. What are they doing? A. Singing a new song (Rev. 14:3) 1. Before the throne 2. Before the four living creatures and the elders B. Theirs is a unique song III. They are redeemed from the earth A. They remained pure through the most sinful time on earth ever 1. Sexually pure (Rev. 14:4, 5) 2. In their mouth was found no deceit B. What traits do they have? (Rev. 14:4, 5) 1. They are the redeemed – The first fruits of redeemed Israel 2. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes 3. They are without fault before the throne of God Through the worst that satan can throw at the redeemed they will stand uncompromising. Their power to live comes from the true Lamb, power to live sexually pure lives in the midst of an evil world, power to be honest in a world full of lies. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes and because they are redeemed they are without fault before the throne of God.
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