First Baptist Church Independence VA

God’s University - 1 Samuel 19-20

Although seasons of preparation can be especially painful, this is how God works faithfulness into His children. Today, you may feel like you’re waiting in the wings. But God may be preparing you for a great task. Why not willingly enroll in God’s University and let Him determine your graduation date? 1. Jonathan saves David’s life (19:1-7). 2. David eludes Saul again (19:8-10). 3. Michael saves David’s life (19:11-17). 4. God Himself saves David’s life (19:18-24). 5. Jonathan and David talk together (20:1-23). 6. Jonathan and Saul talk together (20:24-34). While David hid in the field, Jonathan returned home to the palace (20:24). 7. Jonathan and David talk together (20:35-42).