First Baptist Church Independence VA

Maid Service in the Mountains - 1 Samuel 25:1-44

Have you ever wanted revenge? Perhaps you’ve been slandered, betrayed, or abused? Have you ever stayed awake all night plotting your enemy’s demise? Well, apparently, you’re not alone. One website offers “revenge at its best” and advertises its services as follows: “The Payback.com is your home for all of your revenge needs.” But does revenge really work? Is it worth it in the end? What does God expect of you and me when people sin against us? In 1 Samuel 25 we’ll study one of the greatest chapters in the Bible and find answers to these questions. 1. David seeks to kill Nabal (25:1-13). 2. Abigail intercedes on David’s behalf (25:14-35). 3. Nabal dies and Abigail marries David (25:36-44).