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Sermons from First Baptist Church of St. Charles

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Anxious About Life

Many of us have some level of anxiety. We are worriers. And about 40% of what we worry about never happens. Most of our worries are about future things that could happen. If we let these feelings rule our lives, it will paralyze us, make us useless. Jesus tells us not to worry about anything. It cannot clothe nor feed us. It will not add a single day to our lives. He tells us that worrying is a lack of faith. Put your faith in Him who created all things. He will not forsake you, if you keep your eyes on Him and obey His commands.




A Horizontal Look Is Full Of Darkness; A Vertical Look Is Full Of Light

Vanity of Vanities; all is Vanity. All pleasures of the world will go away but the fullness of the Glory of God is forever. All the riches of the world mean nothing. It is all given by God and God can take it away also. The stuff, the riches is not a problem. The problem is the heart. What does your heart desire? Earthly things of God's Glory?